Why do I love writing?

It’s simple. I love writing. But don’t think I’m an expert. I just someone who like to write little about my knowledge. I’m fall in love in writing since in the second grade of junior high school. It’s weird, because I did’t read any novel. I just read fairy tale, magazine, or my dad’s book. Before I’m interested in writing, from I know alphabeth, my hobby is reading. I remember when I was in second grade of elementary school, my dad gave six books of short story. It was sweet. When others were busy with their stuff. I was just reading.

I had my first diary when I was in third grade of elementary school. Do you think I’ts too young?? Litle girl-nesti- since had the diary, never forgot to write what she did. Don’t think that litle girl write about love. No…she was plain. (but I think now I also plain, but smarter.hehe) #please don’t glare at your desktop. You know, I realized that I loved writing from many years ago since I studied in college. poor me…

These are my reason why I love writing. First, writing is a good way to convey the idea or information with clear statement. We can compose the sentence with precise word. And because I like literature, I usually try to make my sentences beautiful and meaningfull. But sometimes it was failed. Yeah..i’m not women of letter.But I still learning.

Second, Writing is a way to make documentation. Example : I know what I think when I was child from my diary. So I can make reflection a whole myself until I become like this. I know how labile I’m when I became teenager.

Third, I can share the information and what I feel. It is easier since I know internet. Everyone can read mine, and I can read an essay from other people. So we can get many informations and get up date.
That are my motives why I can’t stop write. What does your hobby? And from when you began to love it? Please tell me…

(Jika kalian menemukan kesalahan penulisan atau grammar, harap berikan saya komentar, karena tulisan ini tidak melalui pengeditan dari ahli bahasa inggris)

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